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The Industrial Hemp Industry has the potential to become one of the most lucrative opportunities in our era. There is however, one massive looming factor that is inhibiting it to reach that full potential… online payment processing (or the lack thereof). Xodiak is architecting a dynamic solution to bridge the financial and hemp sectors. Our payment-processing platform will enable all parties within the Industrial Hemp Supply Chain to conduct transactions wherever, whenever they need. With the launch of Xodiak:

CULTIVATORS - Can sell the hemp they grow to processors


PROCESSORS - Now have access to a free market of resources 

MERCHANTS - Can seamlessly sell to consumers and distributors 

CONSUMERS - Can 'conveniently' purchase from merchants 

INDUSTRIAL HEMP - Is now fully un-shackled to move at the

pace of the modern world, the floodgates are open

With 60 + years of collective experience working within the Hemp and Cannabis space, Xodiak has access to un-paralleled resources. We have leveraged these resources to ensure that any and all compliance and regulatory measures are covered inside and out. We have a versatile team of giants in their fields behind the creation of the platform itself. With the infrastructure set, our vast network of merchants, processors cultivators and the like are eager and ready to onboard and embrace exponential growth.


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